“Banding & Branding Together”

CAL - Canadian Atlantic Lobster, Inc and the Lobster.ca is about bringing good things back to the people in the Lobster Fishing Industry and all of Atlantic Canada. We were federally incorporated in April 2012 and are a business that is based on a cooperative model, fishing family owned.

We take pride in our heritage, have the experience and passion, we are here to streamline things…

- Cut through the bureaucracy and red tape
- Empower the industry, Atlantic Canada and all of Canadians
- Shift supply and demand
- Provide ownership to the Fisher people
- Educate the world how to handle and prepare Canadian lobster
- Educate why “Wild – Canadian Quality is the best in the world”
- Create a brand and target global markets
- Improve products, packaging and distribution
- Integrate with Canadians companies (buyers, exporters and processors) to work together

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Imagine a magazine that is printed twice a year and becomes The Guidebook for Lobster in Atlantic Canada. Targeting locals and tourists alike, this magazine features the best of what Atlantic Canada and it’s lobster industry has to offer.

This is our second year with the publication that has morphed into Banding Together. An insight into our unique industry from all aspects, old and new. Feature articles, profiles on fishers and local businesses, recipes, how to’s, games, prizes and on top of it all – Savings. Discounts, 2 for 1′s, enter to win prizes and sometimes even free. Offerings from companies in the Maritimes that support the cause, the industry and our coastal economy.

Consider this, if we push together, create demand for the supply of our lobster and unlock just $1.00 more per pound, that would be over $150,000,000 back into our east coast economy. Imagine $2.00/lb. And where does that money go? back to the local businesses that offer products and services. As they say;  ”All boats shall rise with this tide…”

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Whether you are looking to buy or sell lobster we have built an extensive network of fishermen and producers, and are strategically aligning our industry to markets around the world.

We are all things lobster. Live, cooked, frozen and a creative line of value-added products that are in development.

Our aim is for products to be Fairly Traded and we are focused on streamlining the process to use less and get more. Better value and a better product. Some of our initiatives will completely revolutionize the Canadian Atlantic Lobster Industry. We cordially invite you to be apart of it as a member, partner, investor, coworker or friend.

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The Lobster.ca dry goods store carries a variety of products for Fishers to end consumers. We have the Banding Together Magazine that will only cost you the postage and handling to our growing line of SWAG.

- DFO Trap Tag seller approved
- CAL QR Code Traceable Tags (fishers separate and ID premium quality)
- Lobster.ca vibrant and sleek silicone bands (build brand = explode demand)
- Variety of great T-Shirts and clothing (looking for Maritime retailers)
- License plates & bumper stickers (looking for Maritime retailers)
- Lobster paraphernalia both wholesale and retail

* Membership to join a powerful buying group.
- Save thousands upon thousands of dollars annually and rest easy.
- Captains take a position of ownership in CAL, Inc and Lobster.ca
- Crew and any lobster industry participants from the dealer, plant worker to the truck driver will greatly benefit.

Join The Lobster Club and open the door to opportunity.

PS: We are searching for industry participants to go on trade missions to Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and to destinations throughout North and South America. If you are interested, please send a message why this interests you along with your resume. info@lobster.ca

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